Technical Sessions in Focus

Technical Sessions in Focus

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The three days of EGYPS 2018 furnished an encouraging platform for pioneering solutions and significant window of opportunities in the Egyptian oil and gas industry. There were roundtables and interviews between AMOC and different participating entities in the field, most of them focusing on AMOC’s future extensions and the techno-economic feasibility study of the VR upgrading.

A meeting was held with Tecnicas Reuidas TR; the Spanish-based general contractor that provides engineering, procurement and construction for industrial and power generation plants, who is also the contractor of AMOC’s Gasoil complex. Another meeting was held with HAUMECA; specialized in nitrogen and hydrogen production units.

There was a wide spectrum of meetings initiated by participating companies’ representatives with AMOC’s staff  such as ITT; a diversified leading manufacturer of highly engineered critical components and customized technology solutions, Sandvik; the German high technology engineering group, Emerson; the American multinational electric company specialized in refineries technology supply and last but not least Business France-Bureau Du Caire responsible for the development of investments in industrial transport and infrastructure sectors.

Topping the list was Axens; an international provider of advanced technologies, catalysts and adsorbents which had a main role in the revamping of AMOC’s Middle Distillate Dewaxing Unit MDDU. The meeting followed a session with Prosernat; a subsidiary of Axens Group specialized in process technologies, licensing and modular treatment units supply. On the sideline, meetings with banks’ representatives such as Ahli United Bank were held to discuss the possibility of financing AMOC’s future projects in order to expand cooperation and maximize development opportunities. This was parallel with a series of informal consultations attended by AMOC representatives.

These conference discussions kitted the attendees out with experiences about different scenarios enabling them to acquire a knowledge of helpful insights from different companies worldwide.

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