Industrial Safety


Our company is strengthened by the accountability of our employees, management, directors and contractors by taking responsibility for our actions, we each play an active role in ensuring the company success.

Our company expects every employee to fulfill his or her health, safety and environmental responsibility.

Our commitment to HSE

•     Pursue the goal of zero personal hazards.

•     Environmental protection.

•     Safe and efficient use of material in products purposes.

•     Share openly information through our HSE performance.

•     Continued improvement in the HSE field.

•     Promote a safety culture.


•     Ensure compliance with the HSE law.

•     Analysis and assessment of risk possibilities in the work place.

•     Take the necessary measures for fire proofing.

•     Training and awareness raising for our employees.

•     Management of change (MOC).

•    Adherence to environmental standards for emissions control.


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