Ever since the startup of Alexandria Mineral Oils Company, we have developed as a team this characteristic synergy that makes us act as a one functional body in every situation.

We have all grown a pressing sense of belonging to the place that has become home to our highest ambitions and a top priority of our plans.

Now and during my tenure at AMOC, we keep carrying that torch and delivering it to younger AMOC generations.

Even with the current market ambiance, which is very far from easy, with challenges imposed by the global economic situation, volatile prices, climate change restrictions on emissions, and our commitment to contributing to alleviate the increasing currency demand, we still honor our pledge towards meeting the expectations of all our stakeholders and hold high the interest of shareholders who trust AMOC management.

Alexandria Mineral Oils Company is always committed towards the Egyptian local market requirements, while working hard to stay recognized at the global market to secure our share of foreign currency flow as always guided by the futuristic vision of the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources.

Those challenges shall only make us more determined to work towards opening new possibilities and wider horizons on both levels of product development and sustainable economic growth in a safe and fair working environment.

Eng. Amr Lotfy AMOC Chairman and CEO
Eng. Amr Lotfy
AMOC Chairman and CEO