AMOC and NALCO.. Pioneering Purate CT Technology Unveiled at EGYPES 2024


AMOC’s booth at EGYPES 2024 was ablaze with festivity on its second day, Tuesday , February 20th. The occasion marks a significant milestone; the official announcement of the successful completion of the pilot operation for the industrial wastewater treatment project. The project, gears towards eliminating phenol pollutants, utilizing Purate CT technology. At the heart of this achievement lies a robust collaboration between AMOC, led by Eng. Amr Lotfy; Chairman and CEO and NALCO, represented by Mr. Alex Kajo. This strategic partnership has placed AMOC into the leadership position in Egypt for pioneering the application of Purate CT technology. Eng. Amr Lotfy affirmed NALCO's role as crucial success partners in realizing one of AMOC's key projects. The validation of this success was evident in meticulous laboratory test results, meeting uncompromising specifications, ensuring environmental safety, and contributing to energy efficiency. This collaborative effort seamlessly aligns with the Ministry of Petroleum's comprehensive strategy to safeguard the environment and curtail pollutant levels. The celebratory event drew the presence of key figures, including Dr. Hossam Ezz El-Din, EPAP Project Director, alongside distinguished representatives from both AMOC and NALCO to mark this momentous occasion. AMOC and NALCO set their sights on a promising future with more collaborative projects to come.