Well Begun is Half Done

Well Begun is Half Done

Well Begun is Half Done

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Well Begun is Half Done

AMOC has always been a pioneering company in the Egyptian Petroleum Sector. Our beloved company has always been valued for its continued effort to serve both the industrial field and the civil society. AMOC’s role extends to helping the academic and research circuits.

The collaboration between  AMOC and Alexandria University and the Egypt-UK academic institutions  Zagazig (ZU), Coventry (CU), Brighton (UOB) Universities and Agricultural Research Center (ARC) in a project which aims at investigating the impact of blending naphtha with biodiesel, diesel and Ethanol (NBDE) fuels on internal combustion engines. Using alternative fuels like ethanol and biodiesel in standard diesel engines is stimulated by the fact that fossil fuels cause air pollution (by producing Carbon and Nitrogen Oxides) and their resources are depleting all over the world. The study has a number of promising outputs including the formulation of NBDE mixture surrogates that are used in engine simulation and helping in the design of high performance direct injection engines.

AMOC will benefit from the project through an investigated effect of using naphtha which is a low octane fuel without any additives to run diesel fuels. This opens the way for the investment in productions of lower octane gasoline with lower energy cost on our part.

The project is expected to directly benefit academics and experts in the fields of petroleum and automotive engineering and other sec tors where use of fuels is important. The outcome will also lead to more efficient and environmentally friendly combustion engines to meet global targets for Carbon Oxides and Nitrogen Oxides reduction.

AMOC will continue to play its vital role in supporting academic and research projects for a better, brighter future in Egypt.

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